Physiotherapy services in school are provided by a specialist paediatric team employed by Humber Foundation NHS Trust.

The role of the physiotherapist is to assess and manage children and young people with movement disorders, disability or illness. Most children will already be known to the Physiotherapy service when they start school, however if a referral is required this can be done through your child’s G.P. or Consultant.

The aim of the physiotherapist is to maximise the child or young person’s potential and promote independence and quality of life through to adult life. This may be achieved by improving motor function, relief of pain and prevention of secondary musculoskeletal complications.

In School

An Assessment is carried out by the child or young person’s physiotherapist, who will make clinical decisions on their findings, and will assess for equipment and orthotics if needed.

A physical management programme, which is instructions on how your child sits, stands, moves on the floor, walks, what exercises/activities to work on, to meet their aims and objectives will be written for the school class. Appropriate training of class staff will be carried out and then advice will be given to the school on how this should be carried out throughout the school week.

A risk assessment is also completed for moving and handling to make sure that your child is handled as safely as possible, whilst undertaking any of the above tasks, and we work in conjunction with the school’s Moving and Handling Coordinator.

Physiotherapy will provide;

  • Regular reviews and monitoring of the child or young person
  • Physiotherapy sessions will be carried out either as an individual or group session depending on the child or young person’s need. Intervention may be provided in a block of treatment, weekly, fortnightly, or less frequently depending on the child or young person’s clinical needs.
  • Assessment of specialised equipment and orthotics
  • Training for class staff and parents to carry out the child’s physical management programme
  • Liaison with other professionals, providing reports as necessary and attending relevant meetings if possible.
  • Advise and support to parents and carers as necessary

How to contact us:

  • You can contact us either through the home school book that your child has, and the class team will leave us a message.
  • Telephone direct on 01482 458809, this has an answer phone service.