We are fortunate in having a full time Complex Care Nurse employed by the City Healthcare Partnership (CHCP) on site at all times. The Nurse works with a team of Health Care Support Assistants who have responsibility for the day to day management of medical needs and enteral feeds. The classroom Teaching Assistants are very well practised in meeting the needs of pupils with medical needs and many have received specialist training in specific medical conditions.

The Nursing Team are happy to deal with any queries of a medical nature and are able to refer to a range of other health care services including specialist nurses such as the Specialist Epilepsy Nurse, Specialist Asthma Nurse, Continence Nurse Specialist or the Community Team for Learning Disability.

All pupils at Frederick Holmes have a “Medical Passport” which they take with them on any visits out of school. The Medical Passport includes the names of emergency contacts as well as GP details and information parents would like to be shared with emergency services. It is vitally important that this information is kept up to date. Any medication travelling with a child travels in a red medical bag provided by the school and is stored with the school Nurse. Please inform the class team and Nurse if you are sending medication into school.