Moving and Handling.

Pupils and students with severe physical disabilities require support to access daily living and personal routines. All support staff receive Moving and Handling training as part of their induction training as well as regular refresher training. The Moving and Handling Co-ordinator works alongside the pupil and class team to complete a Moving and Handling Risk Assessment with photographs and advice to inform staff of the correct procedures for Moving and Handling. The assessment includes the most appropriate type of sling for hoisting as well as other equipment used in transfers and the number of trained staff required to complete the transfer. The recommendations comply with Health and Safety at Work Regulations and may differ from how a pupil is transferred at home.

Moving and Handling procedures are reviewed at least annually and parents are asked to attend a Back to School Meeting after any surgery or long term absence which may have had an impact on Moving and Handling. The Moving and Handling Co-ordinator is happy to discuss all Moving and Handling procedures and related transfer and transport decisions.