Frederick Holmes School has a wonderful Hydrotherapy pool. It is made available for all the pupils and students and it is time tabled into their classroom routine on a weekly basis.Here at Frederick Holmes School, we use the Halliwick Method to teach our pupils and students to swim. This means we use no floatation aids and every swimmer has a 1:1 helper in the pool. Halliwick is all about “water happiness” and teaching through songs and games.

Having access to a hydrotherapy pool is very beneficial for our swimmers. They benefit from being in the pool in many different ways:

  • people with restricted movement experience an increased mobility
  • people with muscular weakness experience an increase in strength
  • people with unwanted movement find the impedance of water helps them gain control
  • people with multiple and profound disabilities benefit from the multi sensory stimulation experienced through a Halliwick session.

Whatever the needs of the swimmer, Halliwick and the hydro pool offers something to everyone.

We have a Swimming Co-ordinator here at Frederick Holmes School who is a fully qualified swimming teacher, ASA Level 2, a Halliwick Instructor and has gained the Level 1 in WATSU, which is a relaxation therapy in the water.

We also have Teaching Assistants who are based solely in the hydro pool area, two of whom have attended a Foundation Halliwick Course and achieved their Green Badge. The Teaching Assistants based in the classroom are also up-to-date with the Halliwick Method, with a couple of them also attending the Foundation course.

You can contact our Swimming Co-ordinator at school on 01482 804766 (Reception) for any queries or concerns you may have.