Community Use.

Here at Frederick Holmes School we have the much sought after facility of a hydrotherapy pool. It is used by our pupils and students during the school day and is hired by community groups and businesses out of school hours.

Having access to a hydrotherapy pool is very beneficial for our swimmers and they benefit from being in the pool in many different ways. The Governing Body recognises the need of community groups in the same way and therefore approves the use of the pool on an evening and weekend by these groups.

The pool is also hired by businesses that run swimming lessons. The depth and warmth of the pool makes it an ideal environment for both learners and young children.

Whatever the needs of the swimmer, the pool offers something to everyone.

The pool itself is 8m x 10m and is between 0.9m and 1.2m deep. The water temperature is 35.5°c and the air temperature is 29.5°c.

If you are interested in hiring the use of our hydrotherapy facilities, please contact the school Business Manager via reception.