How You can Support our School.


You are listening to music which is being played on a BASS guitar by our Chair of Governors. It is very unusual for the bass to play such pieces on its own (although drums and six string guitar join in towards the end of one of the pieces). We have done this to ATTRACT YOUR ATTENTION.


Our school is for children and young adults between 2 and 19 years with severe physical disabilities and complex medical needs. Most of our pupils have little or no vocal communication, limited mobility and depend on adult intervention to support learning as well as their physical, social, emotional and personal needs. We provide a personalised curriculum where the child is at the centre of everything we do but we are short of the vital funds necessary to help deliver the best possible life experiences for our children.

We need additional funds for:

  • £3,500 per annum for fuel & insurance for our new adapted minibus so that our pupils can access the community
  • £5,000 per annum to run and staff after school clubs and activities so that our children can play and socialise in a safe environment with their peers
  • £25,000 for essential maintenance and refurbishment of our hydrotherapy pool
  • £25,000 to develop outside facilities for learning and fun
  • £1,500 for a mud kitchen outside
  • £3,000 for a water wheel outside
  • £2,000 for a shower trolley in the swimming pool
  • £6,000 for two new changing tables for the hygiene suite
  • £3000 for an Acheeva bed to provide pupils with an essential change of position in the classroom
  • £20,000 per annum so that we can employ a part-time play therapist to support our children to develop essential play skills
  • £600 per annum to access Hull Fare Share Scheme and begin to develop a role as a community hub for disadvantaged families
  • £8,000 to fund our next residential visit to Keswick Outdoor Residential Facility for children with Special Educational Needs
  • £25,000 per annum to employ a Family Liaison Officer to support families to meet the demands of caring for a child with Special Needs
  • £14,000 to purchase a top of the range eye gaze communicator for assessment purposes
  • £2,000 each for three students to fund additional 1:1 staff support which will enable the student to attend a work experience placement for half a day a week
  • £100,000 to cover the expected shortfall in essential operational funds over the next three years

Please help us to help our children by donating as much or as little as you can. Please contact the school for details of how to make donations.


Thank you very much indeed.