HHa Community Participation and Learning

This term in our College sensory class  we have been doing some amazing work toward achieving our Diplomas.   Every week lots of food is delivered into school through Fareshare and  we have the important job of organising it. We really enjoy looking, choosing and packing all diiferent food items that arrive.


Lots of students in our school community receive a food parcel as part of our Fareshare Mini-enterprise project and we are always very busy. Some weeks our friends from Miss Horton’s class have come to help us deliver the food parcels. We have had a lovely time sharing our experiences and making new friends.


As well as organsing and delivering the food items for our College work, we also get to use some of the ingredients to make some tasty treats and snacks. It is really great fun to explore all the different produce and equipment needed to prepare our drinks and snacks, (which is also part of our Diploma work),  our friends from Miss Horton’s class have helped with this too!!!


We hope you enjoy reading about all the exciting things we have done as part of our Community Learning.