‘City Lights’ at the Albemarle Music Centre Hull

On Thursday 4th April, pupils from KT and FA classes took part in a musical performance of ‘City Lights’ as participants in the Hull Music Festival.

This composition brings together a term’s music sessions inspired and led by our music teacher, and focussing on the theme of City Lights.

The performance begins with the reading of two poems- one reflecting upon the City Silent and the second, the City Active.

Then the pupils perform their piece. During the first part, pupils play quietly as the day breaks and lights switch on. During the second part, the noise of traffic builds up and this is reflected by the playing of different instruments loudly. This second section is accompanied by a sound scape, created by the pupils.

The performance ends with the singing and signing of ‘Step into the Light’, after which the audience is invited to join in.

Pupils executed their parts with excellent effort and enjoyment. They responded very well to taking centre stage, listening and cooperating very well.

As audience participants, pupils listened very carefully to an extended period of performance by other pupils from other schools.

It was a joy to share in this afternoon and everyone enjoyed our rendition of ‘City Lights’.

Well done to all those who were involved, and special thanks to our music teacher.

During our rehearsals, pupils have learned to take turns with their chosen instruments and play with some support or independently. They have developed their listening skills and shown different responses to the instruments and the loud or quiet sounds.