SCERT’s British Science Week – w/c 11/03/19

The student’s and staff in the SCERT’s class decided to embrace British Science week by completing our own experiments.

We made fizzy lemonade, completed colour mixing using paper towels and made rainbow colours in foam.

Our favourite activities were making fizzy colours using food colouring and bicarbonate of soda and making cornflour slime.

Fizzy Colours

We added food colouring to bicarbonate of soda which made a small fizz.   We then added the bicarbonate of soda to the cup of water and food colouring.  When we mixed it, it made so much fizz that it poured over the sides and made a massive mess all over the table.

Cornflour Slime

We watched and helped a little when mixing the ingredients.  We explored the slime briefly but didn’t really like it and pushed it away.