Frederick Holmes will remember them!

On Friday 9th November the hall was transformed into an art gallery for the afternoon displaying an array of wonderful art work from every student in our school, and also a number of our Humber Education Trust partner schools.
At 2pm all the students, staff and visitors gathered together in the hall to sing the poppy song together.  The sight of everyone waving the poppies they had made and singing the song was very moving.  Everyone then participated in a period of quiet reflection whilst the Last Post played in the background.
This year we were fortunate enough to be successful in a bid for the “There or not There” silhouettes, which played a central part in our main exhibition piece and made the whole exhibit look really effective, especially with the video being projected through them.
The build up to the event started when we returned back to school from our summer holidays in September.  With this year marking 100 years since the end of World War 1 we decided to make our exhibition plans even greater than the last couple of years.
We decided to take the opportunity to also celebrate becoming an academy school and part of the Humber Education Trust; this resulted in our central exhibit being a joint project with a number of our trust schools contributing to the final piece.  Our Sensory classes worked in collaboration with sensory classes from Ganton and Tweendykes Schools, to produce the large poppies featured in the main display.







We were also fortunate to welcome a number of special guests to our event including Army and RAF Personnel, Community Police Officers, the local Hall Road& St Albans knitting group (who brightened up our community by placing displays of knitted poppies on trees in the local area), School Governors and of course Parents and Carers.
Our students and staff really enjoyed preparing their displays for the event and it was clear for all to see just how much time and effort had gone into the whole event.  One of the soldiers who attended the event said that he was “completely humbled by the effort that went into it”.  He also said “The children and young adults I met today are a credit to both their parents, carers and the school and I wish I could thank them all today for my experience”.







We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students and staff not only from Frederick Holmes but also the other HET Schools who contributed; Maybury Primary School, Neasden Primary School, Woodland Primary School, Ganton School and Tweendykes School for all their hard work in preparing the wonderful array of exhibits, with an especially big thank you to Mrs Hambly and her team who worked tirelessly to put together the main central exhibit.   Finally a big thank you to all of you who came along and supported the event.  We look forward to next year.








Helen Maddison

Assistant Headteacher